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Garden Design

My design goals are to give shape to a garden owner’s vision with practical and inspiring results and to create sustainable and beautiful gardens with a strong connection to place. Twenty-five years of working in public and private settings have given me practical knowledge in design, planting, and maintenance.


Some gardens exhibit such vitality and significance that they deserve to continue beyond the lifetime of those who made them. My broad experience in garden preservation gives me skills needed to analyze a site for its preservation potential and to identify the resources and strategies needed to sustain it.

I work closely with diverse individuals and organizations to manage the transition from private ownership to nonprofit public garden.  My expertise includes in-depth knowledge of preservation planning, restoration techniques, as well as conservation easements and public/private partnerships.

Public garden management

Working with staff, board members, and volunteers are all key factors when strengthening the management of a public garden. My particular expertise lies in assessing the conditions of the garden and its management, determining what resources are needed, and developing appropriate strategies for acquiring them.

I can help with strategic and operational planning, facilities and master planning, organizational development, design, program planning, and funding strategies. I enjoy helping a garden discover its sense of purpose and place in its community.

How I work

My approach is geared to each project and is always flexible.  Many years of working collaboratively with garden owners, managers, and landscape architects have taught me the value of cooperative strategies.

My services can include site visits, consultation, preparation of reports and plans. I can also provide an objective assessment of a garden to help identify what matters most, both in the garden and its management.

Project management, including planting plans, plant selection and sourcing, as well as oversight of contractors for renovations, new designs, or sensitive preservation work is also available.

I can stay involved for as long as it takes to ensure a successful outcome.

I enjoy discussing new projects and encourage you to contact me whether you are seeking input for a residential design, considering the preservation of a garden, or looking for fresh approaches for a public garden.

See these to learn more about my preservation philosophy or if you would like me to speak to your group.