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Select Publications

Outstanding American Gardens: A Celebration: 25 Years of the Garden Conservancy, Abrams, Editor, Page Dickey, Photographer, Marion Brenner, 2015. Fifty gardens, including my own.

Norwich Resident’s Work Honored by the Garden Conservancy, Valley News, Henry Homeyer, December 30, 2015, article discussing my garden and background.

“In the Garden: A Design Sprouted from Aged Ruins”, The New York Times, Anne Raver, August 2009. Article discussing garden of Bill Noble.

“New England Primer”, Elizabeth Pochoda, House and Garden, September 2003. Article discussing garden of Bill Noble.

Human Nature: The Keepers of the Garden’s Soul”, The New York Times, Anne Raver discussing Garden Conservancy and its accomplishments at The Fells. October 1, 1999.

The Journal News  article discussing the Garden Conservancy response to Hurricane Katrina at Longue Vue House and Gardens. Bill Cary, March 19, 2009.

Taking a Garden Public: Feasibility and Startup, Bill Noble and Elizabeth Byers, Eds.

The Garden Conservancy’s preservation handbook, Taking a Garden Public: Feasibility and Startup, provides resources for garden preservation and presents an overview of the issues and strategies involved in preserving and sustaining a garden. It includes an assessment format for determining the feasibility of preserving a garden.

Site photography by Bill Noble, with thanks to Roger Foley, Mick Hales, Saint-Gaudens NHS, Jane Baber White for use of their photographs. Many of the photographs of project gardens are property of the Garden Conservancy and are used with kind permission of the Conservancy.